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I received a payment notification for the very first time and it had 2 late charges on it. I immediately called and tried to speak with customer care and they just gave me the obvious blurb and it sounds like they are just reading a script about how we can only adjust 1 payment.

I had no idea I even had any charges on my account as the charge was an automatic renewal fee pushed to the account by costsco apparently 2 months back. I had no idea I even had a payment due and thought Costco renewed the card at the beginning of each year like other accounts I have. Money wasn’t even the issue, it was the point of getting no notification and now they tell me the late fee will hit my credit report and I have never had a late fee in my life on anything in my life.

I save all emails and never delete anything and I had nothing from them the dates they state the bill was sent. To top it all off they said they would wave 1 late fee and never did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What has happened to Citi credit card (citicard) customer service. Used to be tops in my book even dealing with extraordinary issues while standing in line at HSBC Bank (Hong Kong) by cell phone.

I recently called to inquire about an issue involving seeing 5-6 "recurring charges" on my online web account page that were incorrect; either should have been disputes I had resolved with Citi's help; or b) simply incorrect should have been one time charges not recurring charges.

1. I called and spoke with a Citi representative in the US calling the number on the back of the card 866 766 2484. She said I needed to talk with Citi fraud group and they would be giving me a call.

2. Received call from "Robert B.

Smith" (Indian accent) didn't receive but he left a voice mail and said to call a number he left.

3. I called the number Robert B. Smith" provided and an Indian lady answered, I asked where she was sitting and she said someplace in India I didn't write it down.

She could not figure out what I needed. Lost connection.

4. Called back several days later, could not resolve.

5. Called US customer service again (location Maryland) and after explaining she said she needed to transfer me to Citicard Fraud division...

she did and it was again in India talked to a lady about why I was calling ie., recurrent charges showing on my account, interaction with Citi Fraud division etc. She transferred me to a man assume same location ... all speaking India English difficult to follow ... he started explaining how their live fraud detection worked I would get text messages and telephone calls etc.

... I said I know how it works but asked the question do I have active fraud alerts at this moment and he said no. He could not answer why I had recurring charges showing on my credit card account that were not really recurring charges. 6.

After this commenting I will go back in and look to see if the recurring charges have been removed. If not I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

I have never had such a headache with any customer service group of a company I deal with. My question is "what in the blank &^&*% happened to Citi/Citicard???"

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