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BBB Complaint Filed: End of November (for those still following at home)

Last response: Feb 13

Okay so after another useless phonemail from Jessica today from some Executive office, she has wasted MY TIME AGAIN to state that they are not changing their decision on their faulty *** addition of Payment Safeguard on MY ACCOUNT with NO PERMISSION despite my OTHER CARD BEING REFUNDED from the last lawsuit. Telling me I opted into this during a card activation is complete garbage. And then you tell me you tried to communicate about it twice years later? BULL. You owe me money and you don’t want to pay, so instead I will continue to post here about the dumpster fire your company is. I will also be looking for other avenues to leave reviews about your crookery. You could have done the right thing and paid for your lies, but instead this is how you want to go. FINE. I can keep this up. I hope it is costing you even just one possible customer from signing up. WORTH IT.

Does this company give one iota of care for their customers or have an ounce of integrity??? This company cannot act appropriately to fix their wrongs or admit they have problems. I sincerely hope another class act suit comes on because I will be there. You have had so many opportunities to make this right and you just don’t care. No one posts on here to be happy and express their thanks. They’re pissed and you guys DON'T CARE. I would not refer this company to my worst enemy even, that’s how badly you don’t deserve ANYONE’S BUSINESS. Chase has already won me over with their extensive communication and ownership of my customer experience.

No one should sign up with this company. They will take your money and lie, saying you opted into programs you never opted into. This company refunded fees from the last class action suit with unauthorized balance protection for one of my cards but the second card still has unauthorized charges for this program. I’ve also been refunded for illegal changes in my APR in the last month. This company refuses to refund the aunauthorised fees and had the nerve to say I opted in while activating a card, which is not only a lie but also very poor practice since it doesn’t require any form of electronic signature or terms and conditions to be signed. My BBB complaint has been in process for a month and Citi is dragging their feet. The first phone call I received was some woman who accused me of lying. I will continue to post this message on Citi pages so people know this company steals from its customers. Y’all could have done the right thing but instead you have challenged me to tell everyone I know how crooked Citi is. I’ve moved all my balances to Chase in the past two weeks and their customer service already makes Citi look terrible. This company is full of thieves!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d keep posting about my experience when your company called me with BS excuses!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Citicards Cons: Bad customer service, How little they care, Level of help.

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