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February 13, 2018 Joanna Baatz Executive Response Unit 1-605-331-1843 Citibank Office of the President PO Box 6000 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6000 CitiBusiness Account ending in XXXX Dear Joanna Baatz, I have received your Feb 5, 2018 letter on February 12, 2018. Your letter is misleading and incorrect.

It indicates that you have not read our information submitted and that you are not making a good faith attempt to resolve this situation. First, I did receive a voice mail message from you and I returned that call. I also left a voice mail message indicating that the number you called was my cell phone and it would be better if you could call my office number which I also left or you (xxxxx). I explained that I turn my cell phone ringer off while I am at work.

I told you about The information below, specifically that the Tip and Tell indicator was activated and that the oven was not received in good condition. You did not call back until about Feb 1, 2018, but you called my cell phone again and left no message. I did return the call and left y0ou another voice mail message. Second, I never nor did my son indicate that the shipment was in good condition.

We noted that the ‘Tip and Tell Indicator” was activated demonstrating that the oven had been tipped over during transit before it was delivered to us. This was noted on the delivery bill that was signed by the driver and my son. A copy of this was included in our claim. The driver was in a hurry and just left the crate (telling my son that the “Tip and Tell Indicator) note on the delivery bill would be sufficient if there were any internal issues.

The oven was difficult to uncrate and remove the wooden crate material so it took us a few days before we could unpack the oven of and perform an internal inspection. After uncrating and inspecting the oven we contacted merchant by email indicating there were problems with oven. The oven showed images of a significant number of scratches, indicating the oven was not new and had been a used and repackaged oven or damaged in warehouse or shipment. We tried to use the oven, but it did not function correctly (we do not know if these were shipping damages or manufacturing defects).

Therefore, the oven was not delivered and received in satisfactory condition. The oven had marks on it externally and the oven did not function correctly. We told the merchant that we wanted to return the oven because of the damages and the merchant agreed to take it back. First, the merchant asked us to prepare the oven-packing crate for return shipment and we told them we did not have the carpentry skills necessary to prepare the oven crate for return shipping.

The merchant asked us to locate a handyman to prepare the crate and we told them we do not know a handyman that could do the necessary work. Finally, the Merchant told us they would look for someone to assist with the crating of the oven for return---that is the last communication we received from the Merchant on Sept 8, 2017. We want to return the oven to the merchant and they should be responsible for creating and preparing the oven for shipment and for shipping costs. Tim Truitt Email address… Telephone… Day time office number:………..

Address….. San Diego, CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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