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CitiCard’s customer service and technology has to be the worse I have ever experienced. Not only today but in recent months as well. I have called multiple times to speak with someone about removing the membership fee and late fee that was assessed to my account. Yes, I was late and by one day.

Problem: I received a voice mail that I needed to call CitiCard. No explanation – just call about your account. How many other calls like this have we all received and it’s not legit. I called and the agent wanted my full card number, full social security number, address and account security code. Why did the agent need all of these details. When you call and use their automated system (IVR), it only asks for your last 4-digits of your card. Nothing else.

Once the agent asked for my full social security card, this is when I asked the agent to just tell me the reason for the call. He could not tell me anything without having the full social security number. What’s the purpose of the account security code?

I called back and attempted to get a live person and it took me 6 attempts. On the 5th attempt, I had the automated service cancel my account. No social security number required. Maybe it’s my Texas accent but you would think after 5 attempts, route me to a live person. 6th attempt, I received a live person.

In summary, I spoke with a second individual who did not require all the details as the first. She removed the late fee and membership fee because of my great paying history. I then told her to go ahead and reinstate my account. She told me reinstating has been submitted and I would receive a letter confirming.

Today, I received a letter in the mail that stated my account was not reinstated because I had been late twice within the last 12-months. Again, bad technology because if I searched my account online for late fees and the only most recent late fee is what appeared. The online search allows you to go back 24-months. Therefore, late only once within 24-months. What’s sad is, I’ve been with CitiCard for over 7-years.

My suggestions to CitiCard:

1)Invest in better technology

2)Train your employees to be consistent

3)Hire employees who are truthful and who customers can trust them at their word

4)Stop worrying about service level. Allow agents to spend the appropriate amount of time with their callers to resolve issues on their first call.

5)Tighten up your IVR’s proof of verification. Last 4-digits of my card number is all that was required

6)Lighten up on the agent’s requirements on account verifications.

7)If your automated system is going to make outbound calls, agents should not require every piece of personal information before they can answer my questions. How do I know that your voice mail wasn’t a spoofed call? I had no idea the number I returned was CitiCard.

8)Suggest to your customers who are late and who generally pay on time to use your auto-pay feature. No agent shared with me but I just read about it myself.

I’ll stop here but CitiCard has issues. I know I’m only one small customer but I do have options and so does everyone else.

CitiCard, get your act together.

Customers, share your bad experience too!

Mark Hutchins


Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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