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I have been a customer of Citi Bank for aver 2 decades. I pay mu bills on time using money orders.

Last Friday I by accident sent in a receipt and money order for $120.00 payment. After mailing this payment I noticed the mo was not put in the envelop. I waited until this morning to contact the bank in El Cajon Caliornia92021. I waited in line and with Mo in hand and the other half of my bill attempted to pay my bill (due on 10th of Jan) The teller asked for the card number and I gave her the last 4 numbers which were on the bill page.

The tell looked on line and stated this account could not be found, where I was directed to a telephone in the lobby to contact your head quarters. After talking first to one operator who I gave my mother's maiden name, she also would not give the tellers in El Cajon permission to take my payment then directed to another operator who asked for my social security number, who stated I needed the banks name who I first started sending payments from and routing number ( this bank changed hands over 2 decades ag0 so I had no idea) Any this operator stated she was sending me a secret code text to my phone number which I relayed back to her. I than asked if I could now pay my bill for after the 10th of the month I would be charged a late fee. She stated that she would put a note in my account so I could call after I sent a new payment and they would note this.

She then stated for me to take the mo in to where I bought it and get a receipt? I was at a lost by now for I could not figure out why a bank (citi bank) did not want to take my payment. Low and behold she then stated that I could use a debit card to make this payment. I then gave her this information and now the bill is paid I hope.

The question now asked is why could not the El Cajon bank take my money order which is written out to them since this operator now had my banking number to take this debit card payment and also every time I come to make a cash payment I have to giver my work address my social security s number and drivers license to pay it. I was told that if I paid with a MO I would not suffer this in convince. Please contact me with a reason and maybe I will not use Legal edge services to remedy this problem. Mr.

Ron Trompeter 1308 Manor drive El cajon California 92021 tel mobile 619-312-5211 home 619-561-6822 I still have the old MO. I feel I need an apoligie and compasation in one way or another.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Account.

Reason of review: Poor management of time and resourses and no good will and plain old harassment.

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