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Update by user Jan 16, 2021

After getting nowhere, I tried asking for help on their Facebook page. I eventually received a message and spoke to someone about them ruling against me seemingly without knowing anything about my case, The person who called didn't know much either but agreed to refund my money.

I guess this was coming out of Citibank's pocket instead of the merchant but at this point, I'll take it. The merchant is still trying to refund my money but having problems with Citibank although they eventually said they were successful but I didn't get that money so Citibank was reimbursed or yet another thing went wrong somewhere. What a horrible, messy, screwed up waste of time this was with poor customer service thrown in for no extra charge.I was still not happy about ALL the things they did wrong and how it prolonged my problem and cost me lots of time and effort so I got the address of their executive complaint department and mailed (that was the only option) a three page letter with the details.I was not pleased to eventually get a reply saying my money was returned and Citibank didn't break any laws. That's it.

No apology. No explanations.

No "Oh my goodness - that was terrible of us. We'll look into it." At least they didn't lie to me about that last part.I emailed a reply saying as much but don't expect to hear from them.

Update by user Dec 21, 2020

Two weeks after resumed fight with merchant for my refund. They are still giving me problems.I was so annoyed with the problems I had with CitiCard I called the Dispute Center looking for an address to send a complaint.

I got transferred to a snippy supervisor who honestly did not seem to care about the problems I had at all. She said she would enter a complaint. I told her she didn't even ask me what problems I had so what would she be entering and the answer was a "general" complaint. She did give me the mailing address of an office.

I will be writing a letter.Then, today, right after the above call, I received a letter from Citi saying "Since you have indicated you are no longer disputing this charge, we have closed our investigation." Isn't that great? They think everything is just fine and I don't want their help.I say again - I want a job where I get paid for doing absolutely nothing at all.

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2020

Wow. Now I know why a search for CitiCard\City Bank problems comes up with so many complaints.

I, personally, have had horrendous service from their Dispute Center.

You know, the department that is supposed to be on MY side and HELP *ME* when the merchant is being unreasonable? A few searches led me to a site called CitiBank but the Citi part was replaced by a word which rhymes with Citi. At first, I thought that was overly harsh, but now I feel they have absolutely earned the title.

One of the great benefits of a credit card is the ability to enter a complaint and have the credit card company step in and get your money back from the merchant if the merchant should issue a refund but wont, or if they are taking overly long to fulfill their promise of a refund or if they try to make you jump through unreasonable hoops.

Im a fair and reasonable person and realize the customer is NOT always right. There are many who dont understand how finances work, what a legitimate complaint is, and what can and cannot be done.

But for CitiBank to consider the circumstances of a case, they have to - at the very least - give it SOME attention.

Here are the offenses CitiBank committed during this one dispute. Im ticked off enough to spend the time giving the full details farther down if you so care to know.

1. They broke their promise to acknowledge receipt of information sent them so you know they are working with all the facts

2. They temporarily or permanently lost information sent to them.

Its hard to be sure. See the point 1.

3. They failed to contact me when it was clear they lost information included in the dispute.

4. They told me what would happen in such and such a situation and I based my actions on that.

Then they went and did something different thus causing me much more work and several additional weeks getting my money back.

5. They dont seem to even look at what I took the time and effort to send them. (See points 3 and 6). Part of the info I sent them was a link to my website with ALL the live chats I had with the merchant clearly showing what went on and why I was having a problem.

They never notified me they could not access all that information.

6. They ruled against me and closed my case when even the merchant said I was right and then had the insulting audacity to tell me I could reopen the case by sending them proof I returned the item when the information THEY sent ME in the same letter included a statement from the merchant stating the item had been returned.

7. When I called (and messaged, and live chatted) with CitiBank about how this was being mishandled, they did not reply. Nothing.

No apology, no justification, no explanation. I am being completely ignored.

8. During my last call to the Dispute Center to complain about them closing my case like that, I spoke to a very nice woman who sympathized and agreed with me and we both agreed there was little for me to do but go back to the merchant and tell them they could now issue the refund.

A short time later, I received an email from CitiBank saying my Dispute HAD BEEN REOPENED! Now I had to worry if this would cause a problem with the merchant issuing the refund!

It seems the dispute closed again a few days later.

The dispute was against Rakuten Kobo who makes an eReader similar to Amazons Kindle. You can read about THAT horror story on this site or http://helpathomenj.com/kobo/. Dont purchase any of their products before reading it. The VERY short story is Kobos Customer Service cannot actually do anything nor can they access information from any other part of the company so they couldnt explain the delay in replacing my eReader which was sent in for warranty repairs.

It was taking so ridiculously long I was told I could request a refund which I did. It just got stupider and more frustrating after that until I opened a dispute with CitiCard and asked them to just take my money back from Kobo since I had it in writing they were willing to give me the refund but were dragging their feet and wouldnt say why.

It sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right? Yah, well, I want a job like the CitiCard Dispute Center people where I can sit around and not do a helpful or correct thing day after day. Bonus if I can do that amount of nothing from home and still get paid for it.

Point 1.

You dont know if they receive your supporting documentation because it does NOT appear on their dispute center in my account as it is supposed to nor do they acknowledge receipt of anything you send.

Because of Point 1, my second email with additional information started with I trust you have received my first email of such and such a date. Anyone looking into my case would, youd hope, pick up on the fact that the first email was not in their system and contact me. They did not. I only found out about it when I called later to ask if my info had arrived safely to be told they didnt have a record of the first email, only the second.

At a later time they claim to have my first email but I cant be sure they did.

Weeks later (point 4) I was told by Kobo they could not issue the refund because the dispute was open. I called CitiCard to find out if I should close the dispute and trust Kobo to issue the refund (not my first choice) or wait until the deadline because I was told by CitiCard they would get my money back unless the merchant had a valid case. I decided to wait a few more weeks for that to happen since I (HA!) trusted CitiCard more than I trusted Kobo.

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from CitiCard saying they closed my case and were not getting the money from Kobo. This is NOT what they told me would happen (point 4) and, if I had known that would happen, would have told them to close the dispute weeks ago and put my faith (again, HA) in Kobo issuing the refund.

CitiCard doesnt know what they are doing (points 5 and 6) because they told me I could reopen the case by sending them proof I returned the item when the information THEY sent ME in the same letter included a statement from the merchant stating the item had been returned.

What? They didnt receive what I sent? They didnt read what I sent? They dont care one way or another?

To be clear, Kobo Customer Support had NO phone line.

Everything is done through live chats. What this is a pain, it means I had a record of EVERY WORD that went back and forth between us so I could clearly show them saying they received my item, they were willing to issue the refund, they didnt know when, why it was taking so long and there was nothing they could do about it.

What better proof is that and why should I type that all up and send it to CitiBank if I can just give them the link to my website? Well, points 2 and 5. They never read my info and/or didnt contact me to say they were not permitted to access external websites so here I sit, thinking they are working on my behalf with all the information needed to make a fair and reasonable ruling when, in reality, they didnt read anything or didnt bother to tell me they could not access the information I thought they had.

As soon as the dispute closed (well, the FIRST time), I went back to Kobo and told them they could now issue the refund and I was told it would be done ASAP which, after twisting their arm, as usual, for something a little more specific, was told probably two days.

Today is 8 days after that and no refund.

I chatted with them again and was told they didnt know, I would be contacted (They always say that and NEVER contact me) and I would get the refund when I get it. Oh. Thanks for that. Based on their behavior which caused me to open the dispute in the first place, that gives me great comfort and piece of mind.

Note CitiBank had already issued me a temporary credit.

All they had to do was make it permanent when they closed the dispute and this would have all been over. But no - they took the credit back and sent me on my way.

Soooooo many hours dealing with CitiBank all for nothing. They didnt do a single thing for me and, in fact, caused me much more time and trouble than doing nothing would have.

Now Im back to dealing with Kobo.

Do you want to guess the other websites name for CitiBank? Ill give you the hint once again it rhymes with CitiBank and the last syllable is bank.

Thanks, CitiBank!

User's recommendation: Don't count on their Dispute Center for help.

Monetary Loss: $163.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Citicards Pros: Credit card itself is fine.

Citicards Cons: Dispute center is awful.

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I mailed in my final payment for my daughter's TV set, but it took over 7 days to receive payment "one state away" (Iowa to Illinois) which normally takes 2 days or less. They said my final payment was 1 day late, so I ended up owing Citbank over a $2000 penalty.

I still have my file that shows all my payments, dates, amounts. And the "final payment" was the ONLY payment that took more than 2 days.


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