Albany, New York

hello everyone,

I just wanted to tell the world that CitiCards/ Citibank is a joke when you need financial help they are not there . My husband and I needed to be placed on ahardship plan due to layoffs were he works and i am disabled . i had an amount on this past thurs. to be deducted from my account twice a month. I was just informed that the lay offs will be happening in Aug. so I called to change payment amount and was told I could not change amount only dates.

so I ask you why can I change amount???? it has not even been 48 hours after I contacted you. Oh and the topper is this the told me to cancel hardship and then try to re apply with correct amount and maybee...... i might be excepted they cannot guartee me of being approved. what a kjoke. Please watch them they are slimmy and slick........

Debbie, N.Y.

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I've had quite a bit of success with with Citi cards including Sears Citi I actually make a living out of helping people with these credit card companies, its not as hard as you think and they help often time than not.


I agree


I applied for hardship assistance 4 mos. ago.

I provided all of the required financial info and updated it as requested. Problem is that no matter how much you give them, they always want something more or different. They keep moving the goalpost.

When I called the 800 no. to check on the status of my application, I was told that the underwriter has closed my notice, no explanation and absolutely no communication from my "homeowner support specialist." The only people who are being helped here are the brain-dead Citi employees who have jobs "administering" this program to ensure that it remains dysfunctional and doesn't provide any assistance to folks who need it.


so you fail to live up to the original agreement, but citi is willing to work with you and set up an alternative agreement...and now you want to renege on that one?

who's the slick one here?


Welcome, you did not read what harry actually wrote. I have been through hoops with Citicards which took over two of my gas cards.

It has been a nightmare since!

They lie about their access to your account, their abilities to adjust when their system has made the error and then harass with incessant telephone calls. I guess we are keeping people employed!!!


The *** is you. Citi Need to be investigated not to mention *** near all the *** employees need to be FIRED!

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