Fulton, New York

I missed one payment. I owe them less than ninety dollars yet the continue to call me at least a half dozen times per day.

I paid them already yet they continue to call me everyday. This is the worse company ever. I cannot believe the audacity that they have shown in their continued harassment. They have called at 8 am on Saturday morning and have called at 9 pm on Monday night.

They call me while I am at work on my cell phone and they continue to call after I have gotten home. This company should be disciplined by someone for their actions. They have a lousy credit card with high interest rates and poor customer service in general.

Do not ever get a credit card thru Citibank. Citibank should have to rename their company to Shittybank

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Same experience.

We were remodeling a house and I financed Sears stuff through a Citi Sears card. After a few months, when we finished, I went on the site and looked up the total balance and paid it off.

The next month I got a statement saying that I owed like $125.00 and a minimum payment of $94.00. I sorta made me mad so I said that I would pay it off when I got time.

Two days after the due date the calls started. Home phone, cell phone, email, numerous times per day. I blocked them, but it's just the principal of the thing.

I called to very nicely advise them that I'm cutting up everything Citi that I have and they lost me as a customer. I just stated that this is a *** poor policy and it is costing them customers.



Calls from citicards or citibank to your cell phone are an attempt to collect a debt and may be illegal. If the proper notice is given, you could be entitled to up to $500 per illegal call.

Check out the following 2 articles for more info:



2. http://davispllc.com/lawyer/Debt-Collection-Calls_cp10735.htm


I've experienced the very same thing - as many as 10 calls per day and I ignore calls from callers that I don't recognize. So I never answered until I got sick and tired of it and decided to reply.

First, the people are rude and I wondered why they don't just send you your statement indicating you're late. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

For one missed payment they harass. I can't wait to pay off my card and will never use it again!!!!!


just kill one of those sob and leave a note that they deserved to die. it worked for me, and I am still free due to the philpiine justice system


I have the same problem. If my husband and I are just even a FEW days late they will call continuously througout the day demanding to know where their money is at.

We have other credit cards to pay for along with medical bills. They have to realize that not everyone can make payments on time. My husband and I are never more than a week late on payments and we have not had any problems with other credit card companies harassing us over money which is just a FEW days late. What gets me is that they continue to call even AFTER you explain to them what is going on and give them a specific day you will pay them.

I understand it is not good to make a late payment and they probably have people who do not make payments for months, but to call all day everyday until they get their payment, a payment which is only 3 days late no less, is way out of line and is harassment. My husband and I ended up having to turn off our telephone line.

I agree that no one should get a credit card from citibank, not unless you for sure make payments on time all the time. Once the card is paid off, we are getting rid of it.


i need to report this credit card company they are looking for jose amarillo or alba amarillo i keep telling them its not me!!!!!!! and they continue with the harrasment i dont have not one freakin credit card and if i did it would be paid i am paying for someone else that didnt pay theyre bill i cant see how theses people make a living harrasing other people thats so cruel can you help while im typing theyre calling.

omg!!!!!!!! :(


I recieved over 120 calls most were hang ups from Citi-card. I have paid all the invoices sent PLUS took $40 more dollars to them directly.

The calls are still coming. I cut up my charge card in front of the Manager at the Peoria Illinois location.

This company is TOTAL capitalist ***. I suggest to anyone still holding a Sears credit card to destroy it, stop buying their inferior products and let Sears become extinct/defunct like the Dinosaur it is.


I have been a customer of Citi Card for years and was late on a payment and the calls started and still continue though payments have been sent. They call numerous times every day starting at 8am through 10pm stating I still owe $35.00 for a late fee.

Once again I send in a payment and within days the calls start up again stating I owe $35.00 late fee for being late on paying the previous late fee. They have made my life a nightmare with no reason or end in sight.


Hi, if you'd like to take a minute and email me I'll have your poor experience reviewed. This is obviously not the impression we want you to have of us. I'm sorry that we've caused so much frustration. Send me a note.


Mike Cardace, Citi



@Mike Cardace, Citi

Why does your company operate as if you are a band of organized criminals, ignoring federal law, calling 3rd parties about debt issues, then calling again repeatedly, after being told the person they are asking for does not live at the number they called, and being told to not call again?

I've never had a Citicard credit card nor store card, such as Home Depot, etc, administered by Citicard, and it will be a cold day in *** before I ever do.

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