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My elderly mother who lives a distance from me took her car in for repair. Her air conditioner wasn't cooling.

The repair shop told her it was the compressor and charged her right at $1000 to fix. Shortly thereafter, the a/c stopped cooling again. Now they told her it was the evaporator core, which would be another about $1000, which she didn't have done. We disputed the repair with Citi, since she used that card to pay.

I won't bore you with the innumerable times we talked to Citi, how many different dates they gave us that were drop dead dates for the repair shop, told her to fax various information, even asked her whether to mail a check or deposit the refund in the bank, but every single time she did what she was supposed to, there was another extension of the time it would take to resolve the dispute. We even went to a local Citibank in person and the manager explained the law as to the various dates, so we are clear on that, and do not believe Citi followed the appropriate timelines. His staff actually called Citi, and we listened while they said it would only "be a week" and it would be resolved. We actually faxed a letter from another mechanic who said there was no way the repair shop could have evacuated the system without noticing the big leak in the evaporator core.

She talked to so many people at Citi, including the "Manager" of the dispute dept, and every single one of them gave her different timelines and answers. All the promises NEVER HAPPENED. And today when she persisted, they told her there was nothing they could do for her anymore.

Just beware: Don't think Citi will save you if you dispute a charge that is so obviously wrong, and in my opinion, an exploitation of my mother. And don't forget we bailed them out not once, but twice, to the tune of $45 billion total.

IMHO, they are more interested in vendors accepting their cards than they are in the customers who use them and who paid for their bailout, so why would you ever win a dispute? Shame on you, Citi.

Monetary Loss: $926.

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My Thank You card account was terminated without notice although Citi says they sent me one letter asking for some updated information and when they didn't receive it within 30 days they dropped my account and thus "robbed" me of 158,000 reward points. I never missed a payment ever and always payed immediately in full when bill came out.

Citi had my e-mail, phone and ability to message me via website and never made honest attempt to contact me concerning any information they wanted. I have highest credit rating and had APR of 8.74 which is why I think they wished to drop me. Anyone out there think Citi would only make one attempt to contact customer if they really wanted something?

Citi customer service (ie call centers) are worst thing going. This bank is the pits and dishonest as ***........

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