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What a horrible experience!

I have used citibank credit cards for over 3 years. I pay all of my expenses monthly on it and pay it off each month. I'm always on time. I cannot believe the lack of customer service I encountered!

A MACHINE called my cell phone 1-2 x daily for weeks! I was up to date on all of my cards, and each time I called in they said that everything was fine and apologized. Yet, the calls kept coming. At this point it is harassment. If it weren't for AA mileage points I would have left a long time ago. Today I called again, and invested another 35 minutes to this issue. The first two people that I talked to could not find a problem. I asked to speak to the manager, and was told that he/she was busy. Then I said I had to talk to someone else, because these calls must stop and they are not getting it done. They had me call ANOTHER number and talk to customer service. After the first person had trouble finding a problem, I assured him something was not right. I kept getting calls, he must find it. He eventually found a closed account that I had paid in full that had a couple of transactions slide through after I closed the account with a representative. I no longer had access to the account because things were paperless, and I had shredded my card. I didn't even know what the card number was. So after talking with the rep, he would not credit my account of numerous late fees and finance charges. I asked to speak with the manager who eventually credited my account of the late fees but made me pay the finance charge. How obsurd! I have been harrassed, and have been an excellent customer spending in the upwards of 3-5K a month for them and pay it off each month. I cannot believe this lack of service and incompetence. I will be changing cards soon. Stear clear of citibank! They are in business to serve themselves.

Shannon Enete

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Unfortunately, hostility, and unpleasant customer service, seems to be the dominant culture at Citibank.

I just got off the phone with another extremely hostile, unpleasant Citibank credit card rep. I was a Citibank customer for over 15 years. I rarely need to contact Citibank, and I was very upset to be met with such hostility, and rude customer service, when I recently called.

At this point I no longer want anything to do with Citibank. My accounts are now closed, and I'm taking my business elsewhere.



Icalled on 06/04/12 to cancel card no#5424180645479400.I destroyed this card when i received my new card.01/01/12 I was paying for credit protector onthe old card.they canceled both cards I have no idea why.I DON'T CARE. BUT WHAT A WAY TO DO BUSINESS. also i had two charages on this card after it was canceled.

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