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I just got off the phone with Citibank after calling them to discuss a "membership fee" that suddenly appeared on my card account and was then sending me late fee reminders to pay up. I have never had this fee for my card in the past and wanted to find out why it was there and how to unenroll in whatever it was.

I was told that this was applied to my account because the card had not been used regularly in the past year. Now, I have used this card more than I really want to admit in the past. Here is the kicker - I have had this card for 24 years. Yes, I said twenty-four years!

They casually suggested that I should cancel the card if the fee was inconvenient for me. Unbelievable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Account.

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Citi doesnt want valued customers.I was with citi for 12 years and the same thing happened to me.I got in a discussion with a supervisor,after it was all said and done she said you have made your point.So i made my point, while still talking to them i run my cards through the shreader.she ask what that noise was,i told her it was there cards being shreaded for mysatisfaction.lesson learned,if you dont have the money to buy something,YOU DONT NEED IT. :grin

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