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About two weeks ago, a gentleman (***) I WAS dating, offered to pay off the remaining $3,000 on my credit card. I reluctantly let him do so.

Upon checking my balance online (which I do often), I saw the check had cleared, BUT I had an over payment of 3,000 on there. He says (lies) that while he sent in the physical check, his assistant also paid by computer to my account, which gave me an overpayment of 3gs. Days later I find that my original balance is back because his checking account was CLOSED (bankruptcy issues). I wasn't upset about that so much, but am more concerned that somehow Citi will send HIM a check for 3gs (the original overpayment amt) because it was his check that put me in overpayment.

He says that if anything, the check will come to me because it is my account, but it will probably not come at all, as they see that my acct is now the old balance, and they wouldhn't have automatically sent out a check 2 days after it cleared and I went into overpayment. Does this make sense to anyone? Because Citi would not help me when I asked them. I am worried that he will get a check in HIS name, but he swears it's impossible.

Obviously, I don't trust him as it is (closed my account, because he had the number, and ordered stuff with my card), so I'm a but nervous that they will send him a check, he will cash it, and I will have another 3gs added to my account. Help?!?!?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Credit Card.

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I'm sure they will send you a check in the overpayment amount, to you, because it's your account and they have your address, etc. Just call them back and ask when they will cut the check and when you can expect it - or ask if they can do a direct deposit into your checking account.

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