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I thought that Citibank might respond since I have been a customer for many years and still am. I have not received any response from them. I have cut back 90% on my business with them.

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If you look at their material, "Thank You Rewards or any portion thereof may be revised or terminated with 30 days prior written notice."

I had a Citi Bank Air mile card . When I signed up they told me my miles would be there forever until I needed them. Citi Bank terminated over a1,000 air miles of mine without any kind of compensation. Of course my wife and I had to have enough air miles for a round trip before we could use them.After they canceled our air miles, Citi Bank started another card that you can use for air trips. Citi Bank converted our card over to the new card. They say the points you earn are there until you need them unless you read the fine print.

If Citi Bank gets to many points out there, they can just give 30 day notice and wipe out your bonus points at no cost to Citi Bank.

I wonder how much money they saved when they terminated everyone's outstanding air miles???!!!

Thanks very much for your support.Eugene Toleman

Review about: Citicards Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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The air miles are not controlled by Citi. Citi has the American Airlines card, and the miles are controlled by American Airlines. It is American Airlines, not Citi, that took away your miles.


They basically bent me over to!I earned 73,293 points using my Sears Citi card this year which pays one point for every dollar spent toward their Sears Choice Rewards Program.

Last month I spent over $13,000 using my Sears Citi Bank credit card, and I paid the balance off as usual to avoid paying interest, with the intention of requesting an iPad II next month which was approx. 90,000 pt. I wanted the iPad to use as a baby monitor because my wife and I are expecting our first child in September, a baby girl! Well, low & behold Sears & Citi bank closed my account two days ago for absolutely no reason other than to avoid paying me the miles/points I had accrued.

Is this legal? Do I have any recourse? They have been very stand-offish and acted peculiar when I’ve asked them questions about why. I was transferred to many departments and once I was finally able to speak to a Manager named Vince (Mgr.

Ref.# BRSR05) he told me that I would not be rewarded the points I had earned or the new points because I was “high risk.” This confuses me because the only high risk I offer is a high risk that I will pay my credit card on time as I have as long as I’ve had it and a high risk that, in turn, I will be rewarded with points as illustrated in their program. He said that is all of the information he had and gave me the phone number to the Adverse Action Department; (800) 663-4850. I simply want to alert local consumers here in Austin &/or nationwide to...

Here is their fine print which basically gives them the opportunity to *** if they want to by cancelling your account at anytime... "If your membership is terminated (including if your Account is closed), or if you decide to cancel your membership in Sears Choice Rewards, all accumulated Points will be forfeited." All I can say is wow! & ouch!! This is terribly unethical, unjust, & wrong.

And this is yet another case of big banks and big industry sticking it to the lower to middle class.I am a Persian Gulf War veteran and I don’t think this any way to be treated on Memorial Weekend or any day for that matter.

:( I'm pissed!

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