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I am a 58 year old male with excellent credit. I decided to get a Hilton Honors Citi card to build Hilton points.

Within two weeks Citi shut down the account due to perceived fraud. They would not explain anything to me and refused to believe who I was! I answered the security questions, provided all the personal detail on my account, but still treated like an insect. Then I had to send in a copy of my SS card, drivers license and a recent home bill.

They still refused to believe who I was. Again, all contact was all on my initiative. They NEVER contacted me or responded to me to explain anything about the situation. When I attempted to cancel, they said I couldn't because they would not verify who I was.

Crazy vortex of corporate ineptitude. I am so sorry I ever dealt with them. Oh, and guess what the perceived fraud was...I bought a $300 part for my car from the local Nissan dealer(!?!).

I strongly recommend you do not do business with these people. They treat customers like adversaries.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citicards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Citicards Cons: I hate them bad customer service.

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I have been with Citi card for 4 years and they jacked up my interest rate so high due to one missed payment even if I did missed the payment due to their fault and when I try to resolve the issue they were not be able to help me to solve the problem. As far as I am concerned citi card is a criminal company.

No wonder People in this country pissed of with this national institutions like citi card.

It is a rip off. I will never do business with them once I paid of this balance.

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