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  • 2 days ago
  • Credit Cards
  • Wakefield, Massachusetts
  • Staff
  • 11

I called citicards for a cash advance on my card. (customer for 7years, never a late payment, and paid in full most months) Anyways the CSR told me that it would take up to a week for a cash advance, I explained that was unacceptable and needed the cash at that moment due to me being away. I asked if this was an emergency I could not get cash. She once again said there was nothing she could do,... Read more

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  • Mar 05
  • Credit Cards
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Credit Limit
  • 13

Was paying down all my cards with double monthly payments and my score was steadily climbing (736) Citi sent me an email alert that they had done a credit review and lowered my limit by 1000 dollars. Problem is there was only 950 bucks on the card due to recent vacation, so now I'm over the limit. You want to lower my limit great just don't lower it below what's on it so I'm overdrawn. Hate to... Read more

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  • Jan 29
  • Credit Cards
  • Card Reissue
  • 34

A month or so before my card expired, I called to ask when I should expect my new card. The person on the phone said I was worried about nothing because I had a whole month left and "of course" I would receive a new card in time. A week before the card was to expire, I used their chat feature online to make sure the card had been mailed. (I have a lot of things that get auto-paid through this... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • Credit Cards
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Credit Card
  • 23

I closed Citicard because I was not able to use it outside USA. The security level was set super high so no transactions went through, even though I set travel notifications clearly. I closed the card in September 2014. Several months later I found (Jan 2015) that I have a balance and interest was charged. The balance was because Foreigh transaction fee arrived 2 weeks after I closed the credit... Read more

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  • Jan 06
  • Credit Cards
  • Waitsfield, Vermont
  • Credit Card Charge
  • 32

I held a citi. AT&T card for 24 years and never had a problem or dispute. Late last year, there was an obviously fraudulent charge on the account: $271 to T-mobile. I discovered later that the fraudulently purchased product was delivered in Florida. I live in Vermont. You would think that fact would be sufficient to support the credibility of my claim. At first, my amount was credited to my... Read more

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  • Nov 11, 2014
  • Credit Cards
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Bank Account
  • 28

Best buy just moved their cards over to these morons. Once they switched over late last year my bills started showing up DAYS before the DUE date, ontop of them not offering electronic bill pay, so it takes an additional 5 business days for my bank to get them payments, even though the payments should have been post marked, they ignored the post mark date and still charged my account late fees.... Read more

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  • Sep 29, 2014
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Card
  • 42

I called my CitiCard customer service and reported a breach of my card.A magazine marketing company charged my card without my approval. Citicard closed my card to protect myself but was not told that my Rewards point had to be used ASAP. When I went to use my reward points 6 or so weeks later they had been removed from the account record even though I was invoiced for the final bill.. After... Read more

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  • Sep 15, 2014
  • Credit Cards
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Credit Card Fees
  • 55

I sent a check with my account number on it paying off in full my credit card balance. It was cashed within ten days and not posted to my account. I kept getting a bill and I thought they were just behind on their posting. Finally called and spoke to two agents and was told I would be given a conditional pay off until they can find the check!!! I did everything they asked and they wanted to... Read more

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  • Sep 05, 2014
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • New York, New York
  • Horrible Customer Service
  • 44

I was with citi cards for ten years. Everything was ok until I ask them to help me to despute part of the transaction. We paid with citi Amex for our trip to Europe booked trough expedia. When we reached out destination it turned out that the hotels we got were different from what we booked. Worse!!! The room instead of garden, as we expected, had cementary view. Because there were no available... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Citicards
  • Jun 26, 2014
  • by anonymous
  • #502836

They closed my account after I filed a fraudulent charge on my account. Sent me a new card but no letter staying that the new card wouldn't work either. Still haven't received a letter stating why the account was closed Add comment

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